Sara Geller

Sara Geller

As an artist, the surrealists have been one of my greatest influences. Even the name of my band (I am a professional vocalist), "Paranoid Image", was inspired by Salvador Dali’s surrealist term “The Paranoiac Critical Method”.

I have expanded upon my work in a surrealist direction and aim to create a sense of wonderment and awe with my work. In a recent work, dancing bunny rabbits levitate in an abstract expressionist realm. “Dragon Pie” has a touch of the surreal as well with a small dragon landing on a pie.

I aim to create narrative pieces that tell a story. This is a motif imbued in both the poetry of the lyrics I write for Paranoid Image as well as my paintings. A landscape of a riverbed with years of weathering watershed carving out a groove through sheer rock were you can feel the movement in the very trees, for example. Or in my portraiture, such as my painting “Lauren” - a painting of a dance student dancing with flowers springing from her movement.

I grew up in Washington, DC until moving to Boulder, Colorado in 2001. My mother, Luci Geller, is Brazilian and I have always found inspiration in the vibrant colors of Brazil.

During college, I had the great fortune of curating a show for The Worcester Art Museum. This experience along with visiting my professor’s co-curation at the Boston Fine Arts Museum really sparked my love of curation. One of the highlights of my art career was working in art restoration where my specialty was restoring works of art on canvas and board (mostly paintings). Working so intimately with paintings using art conservation practices often informs my own painting methods.