Welcome to Sanctuary Art Gallery

Featuring local Boulder artists and artists from abroad, Sanctuary Art Gallery presents thought-provoking and expertly curated exhibitions. Join us and experience our art that's for the soul!

Located inside the sanctuary at First United Methodist Church, we pride ourselves on providing a very unique and wonderful setting for viewing excellent art.

Our contemplative themes are represented in various media such as Paintings, Collage / Mixed Media, Photography, Ceramics, Fiber Art and more.

We encourage you to visit this gem of a gallery in Downtown Boulder!



“Patterns” Exhibit

Our lives are full of patterns, both visually and experientially. Patterns are repeated designs both simple and complex. Other patterns are familiar, such as snowflakes, ripples, tree rings, animal markings.

Come and see how our talented visual artists interpret “Patterns”. It could be weather, music, or even patterns of behavior. However “Patterns” is interpreted it will stir your imagination and delight your senses.

Opening Reception on August 27.

Other Events

August 26: "Behind the Laughter" - Paranoid Image Album Release Show


September 21 and October 19: Third Thursday Receptions and possible demos.

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